Get to know Daniel (Blind, Mental Disability, Physical Disability, Chronic Illness, Mental Illness)

Daniel is a law graduating, never settling, one of a kind, insightful solutions architect who avoids eating vegetables. Identifying as a religious minority with chronic physical and mental illness, and disabilities; Daniel cofounded and leads a not-for-profit organization.

Summary: Dr. Liz interviews Daniel, a law graduate with chronic physical and mental illnesses and disabilities, about navigating law school with his disabilities and the challenges disabled individuals face in education and the workplace. ​Daniel emphasizes the importance of accessibility, inclusion, and communication, shedding light on the underrepresentation of disabilities in diversity movements.


1:20 Daniel explains why he chose law as a profession, highlighting his journey of self-discovery and advocacy.


7:34 Daniel describes the challenges he faced in law school admissions due to his disabilities and chronic illnesses.


10:54 Discussion on the accessibility of the learning process in law school, emphasizing the importance of accessible materials and accommodations.


17:32 Daniel addresses the underrepresentation of disabilities in the legal profession and entertainment industry, raising concerns about misrepresentation in media.


20:02 Daniel provides advice for educators on making the learning experience accessible for students with disabilities, emphasizing the need for communication and understanding.


24:25 Exploring the ways organizations can create inclusive environments for individuals with disabilities, focusing on the value they bring to the team.


26:47 Daniel shares his frustration with the lack of focus on disabilities in diversity movements and the importance of creating a sense of belonging for all individuals.


29:40 Daniel discusses the mission of his non-profit, aimed at helping individuals with disabilities achieve their goals and providing resources for allies.

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