Get to know Leah (Female, Native American, LGBTQI+, Disability, Religious Minority)

Leah is a parent and grandparent who loves horses and hates tapioca. Indigenous and identifying as LGBTQI+, a religious minority, with a permanent injury and physical disability; Leah is a life-long learner who is smart, sensitive and has a strong sense of justice. Leah is on a mission to facilitate the movement of people into better alignment with themselves, each other, and the planet.

Summary: The video focuses on an interview with Leah, who shares her diverse lived experience as a parent, grandparent, indigenous, LGBTIQ+ individual with a physical disability and religious minority. Leah discusses the challenges she has faced throughout her life and the importance of inclusion and respect.

Leah’s diverse identities, including being a Native American, LGBTQI+, disabled, and a religious minority, shape her experiences and advocacy for inclusion. She overcame adversity through allies and scholarships, highlighting the importance of support and belief in marginalized individuals.

00:02 The podcast focuses on inclusivity, exploring diverse lived experiences through conversations with guests, aiming to create a world where everyone thrives. The guest, Leah, shares her challenging upbringing, highlighting the impact of her identities and the importance of laughter and shared experiences.
-Leah’s diverse identities, including being a parent, grandparent, indigenous, LGBTQI+, religious minority, with a physical disability, and a traumatic brain injury, shape her unique perspective on inclusivity.
-Leah’s journey of breaking the cycle of abuse in her family and being the first to attend college showcases the role of allies and resilience in overcoming challenges.

06:07 Leah shares how a guidance counselor’s belief in her academic potential and support through scholarships paved the way for her college education, highlighting the importance of mentorship and financial aid in achieving academic success.
-The significance of mentorship and belief in one’s abilities in academic success, as demonstrated by the guidance counselor’s impact on the speaker’s educational journey.
-The crucial role of scholarships and financial aid in providing access to higher education, enabling individuals to pursue college despite financial constraints.

Mentoring can have a profound impact on someone’s life with just a few seconds of encouragement, highlighting the importance of recognizing and supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds.
-Understanding the importance of mentorship and encouragement in shaping individuals’ lives positively.
-Recognizing the significance of learning about and respecting the experiences and challenges faced by different cultural and ethnic groups.
-Highlighting the complexities of diversity and the need for inclusive support systems to help individuals thrive in various aspects of their lives.

18:14 Having a service dog as a person with a disability is crucial for independence and safety, despite facing challenges and discrimination due to lack of awareness and education on federal laws.
-Challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in accessing public spaces due to lack of awareness and discrimination, despite federal laws protecting their rights.
-The essential role of a service dog in providing warnings and support, especially in critical situations like driving and parenting, highlighting the dog’s significance in daily life.
-The struggles of single parenthood, including negotiating accommodations in various aspects of life, such as dealing with illnesses and academic challenges, showcasing the need for advocacy and assertiveness.

24:19 Teaching children the difference between privacy and secrecy is crucial in fostering understanding and acceptance of diverse identities. The history of LGBTQ+ and trans rights highlights the ongoing struggle for acceptance and the importance of inclusivity.
-The speaker reflects on the challenges faced in the LGBTQ+ community, including the stigma and lack of legal recognition of same-sex marriage, emphasizing the need for conversations about acceptance and equality.
-The discussion expands to include the intersectionality of identities, such as being indigenous or female, and the evolving landscape of LGBTQ+ and trans rights, underscoring the significance of historical context in the fight for equality.
-Inclusivity and respect are highlighted as essential values, with a call to replace patriotism with respect to foster a more inclusive society, acknowledging the importance of creating spaces where everyone feels valued and included.

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