Get to know Seth (Gay, bi-gender, religious and cultural minority, trauma survivor, psychic medium)

Seth is an all or nothing kind of guy who can be found either hiking or relaxing on his weekends. Described by others as kind, patient, generous and inspirational, he claims his greatest accomplishment is surviving to 44. Identifying as LGBTQI+, and a gender, ethnic, and cultural minority, and diagnosed with a learning disability at 8 years old, Seth is an Intuitive Business Coach, Medium, and Healer with 3 international bestsellers.

Summary: This video features an interview with Seth, who identifies as LGBTQI+, Jewish, and as having a learning disability. Seth shares his fascinating life experiences, including being held at gunpoint in kidnapping incidents in Colombia and Mexico. He eloquently discusses his gender identity, describing himself as a “woman trapped in a man’s body” who expresses his femininity through clothing and style. Seth also talks about his work as an intuitive business coach and medium, and how he has navigated being open about these aspects of his identity, especially in professional settings. Throughout the conversation, Seth comes across as a warm, confident, and inspiring individual who embraces all facets of his multifaceted identity. ​The interview provides valuable insights into the lived experiences of an individual navigating intersectional identities and the importance of creating inclusive environments.


00:02 The podcast focuses on inclusivity, where Dr. Liz chats with guests to understand their identities and inclusion needs, aiming to create a world where everyone thrives. Seth, a guest, shares his diverse lived experiences, including surviving kidnappings, cancer, and embracing his LGBTQ+ and cultural identities.
-Seth recounts surviving two kidnappings in Colombia and Mexico, reflecting on the impact of these traumatic experiences on his life and gratitude for being alive.
-Seth discusses his identities, including being a CIS male, by gender, leaning towards gay, having a husband, and being Jewish, highlighting the complexity of his diverse background.


05:06 Seth discusses their journey of self-discovery and gender identity, expressing a fluid sense of gender and embracing both masculine and feminine aspects within themselves.
-Seth delves into the concept of two-spirit and bi-gender identities, sharing their experience of feeling like a woman trapped in a man’s body and the fluidity of their gender expression.
-The discussion expands to include Seth’s love for wearing dresses and expressing femininity, while also embracing aspects of their male identity, highlighting the complexity of their gender identity.
– Seth reflects on their upbringing in New England, where they were allowed to express themselves freely, setting a trend by being the first to come out in their high school and becoming a representation for others.


10:09 Seth shares their experience of being the first to come out in high school, highlighting the importance of being true to oneself. They also discuss the positive impact of acceptance within the Jewish and LGBTQ communities on their identity and self-expression.
– Seth reflects on the role of religion in shaping sexual identity and the acceptance they found within the Jewish and LGBTQ communities in LA.
– Seth discusses their journey of self-acceptance and coming out in different environments, emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself despite challenges.
– Seth shares their experience of being a medium and the initial apprehension they faced in coming out in that aspect, highlighting the importance of authenticity in professional settings.


15:11 Seth discusses the fear of violence faced by LGBTQ individuals, the significance of marriage equality, and the importance of embracing one’s psychic abilities. They express concern over potential threats to marriage equality and emphasize the desire for validation and equality within the LGBTQ community.
-The impact of violence on LGBTQ individuals and the need for inclusivity in different countries. The speaker highlights the fear of assault and murder faced by LGBTQ individuals globally.
-The emotional significance of marriage equality and the speaker’s personal experience. They reflect on the joy and validation brought by the legalization of marriage equality.
-Embracing psychic abilities and personal growth. The speaker shares their journey of realizing and embracing their intuitive capabilities, emphasizing that everyone has psychic potential.


20:15 Growing up in a supportive environment, Seth discovered their mediumship abilities, initially feeling overwhelmed but gaining confidence through accurate readings, emphasizing the importance of creating safe and authentic spaces for self-expression and exploration.
-Supportive upbringing led to confidence in mediumship abilities, despite initial overwhelm, with accurate readings validating the experience.
-Importance of creating safe and authentic spaces for self-expression and exploration to foster connection and understanding in communities.
-Encouraging communication, offering support, and promoting curiosity and gratitude to ensure individuals feel safe and empowered to be authentic.


25:20 To make people feel welcomed and belong, connect with them through common interests, lead by example, and practice what you preach. Seth discusses his children’s book series with LGBTQIA components and taboo topics, along with his speaking engagements and coaching services.
-Seth’s children’s book series includes LGBTQIA components and taboo topics, focusing on how families navigate tough times, like divorce and death, promoting inclusivity and understanding.
-Seth is involved in speaking engagements, TED Talks, and coaching services to help people become bestsellers and navigate grief, offering intuitive business coaching with a blend of corporate experience and empathy.

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