Include Inc and Gulanga Partner to Provide World’s 1st Generative AI Inclusion Advisor in Australia

Partnership to Provide IncludeChat, a Groundbreaking Generative AI-Powered Inclusion Advisory Tool, to Help Australian Organizations Advance Inclusion Efforts and Reduce Discrimination

DENVER, USA and CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA – June 19, 2024 – Include Inc., a Denver-headquartered 100% female-owned business leading the way in inclusion transformation and the developer of IncludeChatTM, and Gulanga Group Pty Ltd, a Supply Nation Certified Indigenous business, today announced a strategic partnership for Gulanga to market and sell, IncludeChatTM, the world’s first generative AI-powered inclusion advisor in the Australian market.

The combination of Include Inc.’s groundbreaking IncludeChatTM enterprise SaaS that equips every employee with practical inclusion advice via an AI chatbot in real-time and Gulanga’s trusted partnership with organizations and governments across Australia will yield an industry-first solution in Australia to increase the likelihood, degree, and speed of inclusion transformation for Australian organizations.


Through this strategic partnership, customers will have the benefit of Gulanga’s premium ICT service delivery and status as a certified Supply Nation Indigenous business, along with Include Inc.’s IncludeChatTM platform that utilizes Dr. Liz Wilson’s renowned inclusion research and expertise. This will enable Australian organizations to advance their diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes for all identities in a very practical, tangible, timely, and scalable way.


“This strategic partnership is a game-changer for Australia. With IncludeChat’s Generative AI-Powered Inclusion Advisory Chat Service, we will be able to offer Australian organizations access to this innovative and impactful inclusion solution,” said Rick Higgins, Wirajdjuri man and Managing Director of Gulanga Group. “We’re excited about the potential this brings to accelerate inclusion for all underrepresented identities in addition to supporting the advancement of the positive impact of Reconciliation Action Plans in Australia.”


Gulanga Group and Include Inc. bring a combined deep understanding of both inclusion challenges and the complexities of the ICT environment. This strategic partnership will help Australian businesses and governments alike to reduce discrimination by giving employees access to trusted and practical advice on how to be inclusive of all people in their work in real-time.


“We are thrilled to be partnering with Gulanga to extend the power of the IncludeChat to organizations, institutions, and government bodies in Australia,” said Dr. Liz Wilson, founder and CEO, Include Inc. “This partnership will make it possible for Australian companies to utilize IncludeChat to realize the power and value of meeting the inclusion needs of all people.”


About Include Inc. and IncludeChatTM
Include Inc. was founded by Australian Dr. Liz Wilson and is a 100% female-owned business. Dr. Liz is renowned for her expertise in behavioral science, organizational transformation, and approach to inclusion. Utilizing Dr. Liz’s post-doctoral published research on the 8-inclusion needs of all people®, Include Inc. is leading the way by addressing inclusion with a practical approach that translates across identities, cultures, legal and social norms. IncludeChatTM, developed by Dr. Liz, is the world’s first and only AI-powered inclusion advisor, helping organizations equip their people with what they need to be inclusive in a trusted and scalable way. Include Inc. and Dr. Liz are trusted by notable organizations around the world and across industries – from medium-sized businesses to the Fortune 500. For more information about IncludeChatTM visit


About Gulanga Group Pty Ltd
The Gulanga Group is a Supply Nation Certified locally owned Indigenous Business that works closely with Corporate & Government to advocate the effective use of new and emerging Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to deliver better business outcomes. Gulanga consists of a team of highly skilled ICT technologists with a vast experience in delivering best of breed ICT solutions. Gulanga provides a range of ICT products and services with an extensive network of professional consultants, solution architects and industry experts who help us deliver solutions to help meet our customers’ business imperatives. Gulanga is a strong, capable and reputable Australian SME with over 70 customers across the public and private sectors. For more information, visit


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Picture every employee having 24/7 access to practical steps to be inclusive in what they are doing, when and where they are doing it, in any language.


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