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Easily installed and accessible on your organization’s intranet, IncludeChat with Dr. Liz confidentially helps employees be inclusive of all people.

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How do I make inclusive hiring decisions? What's the best way to onboard a person that is blind? When should I speak up if I notice someone is being excluded? How do I communicate with a deaf customer? Who is responsible for being inclusive? What do I need to consider when designing a new process? How do I facilitate meetings so everyone can feel psychologically safe? Why does it matter that I provide accommodations for my people? What are some examples of ways to measure the ROI of inclusion? And anything else you need to know about making inclusive decisions and taking inclusive action in your role.

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It's all in the numbers

0 %
out of 10 people believe in the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for the organization
0 %
of people admit they still don't know how to meet the inclusion needs of people that are different to themsleves
years away from gender equity, not to mention equality for every other under represented identities

asked questions

IncludeChat with Dr. Liz is a generative AI chatbot that answers any employee’s diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion-related questions in real-time, and in any language.

IncludeChat with Dr. Liz addresses all identities; from race and ethnicity, to diverse genders, sexual orientations, cultures, religions, disabilities, neurodiversities, physical and mental illnesses, and many more.

IncludeChat with Dr. Liz supports your people across all industries, functional and operational roles with practical and specific inclusion guidance to demonstrate inclusive behaviors, make inclusive decisions, and take inclusive action.

When you ask Google the results are just the answers with the highest ranking SEO, additionally you then need to find the right answer - meaning you needed to know the right answer to start with. ChatGPT, or other similar GPTs, do not have parameters applied or biases mitigated for. IncludeChat with Dr. Liz is trained on unbiased data, validated answers, and does not provide legal or medical advice.

No employee details are required, nor is there a login process for your employees to use the tool, therefore all questions are anonymous. The only information recorded is the question that was asked and when it was asked.

IncludeChat with Dr. Liz never judges or makes a person feel bad for not knowing, asking a question, or doing things ‘wrong’. In fact, the AI is trained to be supportive and empathetic.

IncludeChat with Dr. Liz applies the 8-Inclusion Needs of All People framework, and only provides support and advice that has been researched, written and validated by Dr. Liz Wilson.

Not at all! The IncludeChat with Dr. Liz generative AI chatbot is simple to install with an iframe code to embed on a designated page of your organization’s intranet or externally hosted and accessed via Okta SSO (as well as some other integration options). Once we have approval from your team you can be live within 7-days.

Microsoft AI is used to formulate generative AI answers based on the proprietary IncludeChat with Dr. Liz database.

When you utilize our platform, your data is sent to models like Microsoft OpenAI only for processing purposes. Neither our, or AI processors like Microsoft, uses this data for training new models. The IncludeChat with Dr. Liz inclusion database, and any custom organizational data created specifically for a client and their dedicated chatbot, is stored securely with advanced security measures. Bot training is an ongoing exercise. Questions and answers that are generated are continually reviewed and improved for accuracy and currency.


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About Dr. Liz Wilson

Dr. Liz Wilson is a behavioral scientist, organizational transformation expert, and founder of Include Inc. Originally from Australia and now based in the United States, Dr. Liz is well known for her authentic, honest, and pragmatic approach to everything she does. This includes her simple, yet powerful, Include Change Method that has achieved amazing results for her clients over the span of her 25+ year career. Dr. Liz has transformed the ways of working and cultures of dozens of global organizations including; major airlines, banks, consumer goods, telecommunications, mining, rail, tech and medtech companies.


With a professional purpose that has always centered around the desire to equip individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive; Dr. Liz’s unrelenting curiosity also led her to research and find the solution to inclusion transformation, and reducing discrimination, with the development of the 8-Inclusion Needs of all People.

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"There is nothing better for helping you understand inclusion and to learn how to do it better." ~ Corene Strauss, CEO


"IncludeChat with Dr. Liz is the perfect solution for equipping my organization's global workforce with the inclusion capability they need." ~ Crysta Dungee, Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, US Region


"This is more than just some DEI window dressing. IncludeChat with Dr. Liz is a genuine game changer for creating a better world." ~ Brett Watkins, Operations Manager


"IncludeChat with Dr. Liz is the practical tool we need to make the strategic and tactical changes required to drive equitable outcomes for everyone." ~ Traci Houpapa, Co-Chairperson


"IncludeChat with Dr. Liz is integral and necessary for every HR and leader in corporate organizations around the world." ~ Seth Eliot Santos, VP Human Resources

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